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I'm abandoning this journal. It's got too much of my ex in it for my comfort.

I'm at lupusfabula now.


The kid actually bought good coffee today. The only kind of coffee I can actually stomach, the only coffee that I can bare the taste of.

But I don't get any. No. It's a gift. For someone else.
I think that part of Firefly's strength is it having a lot of rewatch value. I have trouble deciding whether it or B5 is the "best" sci-fi, but I'd much rather rewatch Firefly. B5 was great for exactly the reasons I don't want to rewatch it: It was long (five season), and I wouldn't hesitate to say that every episode contributed something necessary to the overall show, through plot or character development. It was amazing to watch the first time, but it's too long and interconnected to make an easy rewatch. You can't just pick up an episode to enjoy, you've got to watch the entire damn thing.

I can pick up any episode of Firefly and rewatch it at any time. While the episodes contribute to an overall story, they're self contained enough that they make sense out of context.

I was going to finish this post, but I decided I don't care enough. I was going to point out Firefly's setting as a good feature, that it's a Joss show, and that the characters are great.

I was going to end the post with, "But TOS is still my favorite."
When it doesn't make me feel like a pedo, I fucking love most of my social circle here being teenagers. It's all the hilarity of teenage drama and relationship bullshit without actually being one of the teenagers starting drama.

And the whole "awkward teenager with a crush" thing is pretty endearing when you aren't an awkward teenager with a crush.

Not that Dorian doesn't make me feel like an awkward teenager sometimes...

Nov. 23rd, 2010

It's still two days till Thanksgiving (or one full day, however you want to look at it), and the kid's already got my Christmas presents. He's not stupid enough to try to put them away for Christmas, so I found them a spot on the windowsill. They're a Christmas ornament of Captain Kirk and a diecast model of a light cycle (Tron Legacy style).
I saw the best thing today at Goodwill.

Joy Trek on VHS. It's a Christian cartoon ripping off Star Trek. I want to see that. I'm half sure I need to see it.

Crayola Based Political Commentary

A. I fucking love this picture. That's pretty much it right there.

B. I love that the crayons are Crayola, who used to have "flesh" color.

C. Other white people, please get your heads out of your asses. People are people. Fuck you.
It's Monday, and I'm watching Mean Girls.

I show my age

It was all about MTV in the 80s, but it's VH1 now. Top 100 Songs of the 80s, Top 100 Songs of the 70s, and Top 100 Songs of Hard Rock. Damn right Cherry Pie is on that last list. And The Stroke. Don't Fear the Reaper. Born to Be Wild. Cherry Bomb (ah, memories of my teenage fantasies... Joan Jett, I loved you).

And Jim Martin is a record pumpkin grower now? What?

How the hell was Ronnie James outlived by Iggy? Why does Brett Michaels have to host this shit? I don't give a shit about Brett anymore. Let Dee Snider host it, he could do it, and he's got the personality to pull off hosting. Or shit, let Iggy, that'd be fucking awesome. Or Slash. Or anyone but Brett. I'm tired of Brett and all his fucking shows.

And I did not know that Sandy West was dead. And Cherie Curie is a chainsaw artist now.

Fuck yes, Iggy and the Stooges get their own "who they were, what they're doing" part. I love Iggy.

The video for Hot for Teacher is still perfect.

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